All the open source projects I'm working on or the projects I've previously been working on can be found on my github. Most projects I started myself, some of them are forks or derivatives of existing projects. Here is a list of the things I consider noteworthy:

Active projects

  • clay
    A CSS preprocessor as embedded Haskell.

  • fclabels
    First class composable record labels for Haskell.

Prototypes and proof of concepts

  • lhs2html5
    Use literate Haskell for HTML5 presentations.

  • flux
    Haskell OpenGL based 3d engine.

  • frp-js
    Functional Reactive DSL in Haskell that compiles to JavaScript.

  • islay
    A generic approach to datatype persistency in Haskell.

Projects untouched for a while

  • jail
    Jailed IO monad. Run file based IO computations in restricted parts of the filesystem.

  • salvia
    Modular Haskell HTTP server.

  • orchid
    Wiki written in Haskell on top of Salvia.

  • data-reify-cse
    Common Sub-Expression Elimination for graphs generated by the Data.Reify package.

  • subtitles
    Simple program to cut, select prefix/suffix of, reindex and shift SRT subtitle files.

  • arrow-list
    Haskell list arrows.